Specialty Dry Inks

Be Brilliant……add Wow with Specialty Dry Inks.
Sparkle and shine with Gold, Silver, White, or Clear.

Most print designers dream of working on a project that involves specialty effects. Varnishes and foiling are two popular examples of eye-catching finishes that can be applied by industrial printing companies, but the added cost and time can make these projects quite a rarity.

Island Blue has now changed that with the introduction of their Iridesse Colour Production Press. This press lets you combine stunning four-color CMYK imagery with up to two Specialty Dry Inks including metallic Gold Dry Ink, Silver Dry Ink, White Dry Ink and Clear Dry Ink, in a single pass, all without sacrificing digital printing benefits such as economical short runs and personalized printing. It has never been easier or more cost-effective to unleash brilliant, results-driving specialty effects!


Gold & Silver...Real Metallic Effects

Dry Ink PANTONE gold and silver metallics can be used on their own or layered with CMYK to deliver new, stunning iridescent palettes that create more “wow” in less time. Metallic dry inks are best used in larger area. These inks contain metallic particles, which is what gives them their shine. Coated stocks tend to be better choice for metallics. Not recommended for line art, thin rules, or small type.

Integrating Metallic Dry Inks with your design is simple

Metallic effects with Silver and Gold Metallic Dry Inks are more than digital simulations. They are real metallic inks containing embedded metallic flakes for a stunning, full-metal effect.

Use them to

  • Dress up your brand
  • Create unique and breathtaking visual effects
  • Add keepsake value to certificates and awards
  • Induce a sense of quality and luxury


Clear Dry Ink

Clear Dry Ink adds shine to lighter CMYK colours and makes them pop. Clear Dry Ink can be used on its own for both spot (watermark designs) and floods. Clear Dry Ink is not recommended on gold, silver, metallics, or dark CMYK it dulls the appearance.


Clear Dry Ink stimulates creativity with multiple ways to enhance applications. Effects can be easily applied in the design phase, or added to existing jobs at the print server without altering the source file.


White Dry Ink

White ink works best when printed directly to black or very dark coloured card stock, highly recommended for business cards, invitations and menus. White Ink can be used as a base coat under CMYK and metallic elements, so they pop on transparent substrates. White Dry Ink can also be used as an underlay on dark textured stocks and specialty media.


Extra Long Printed Sheets  - Even Textured Paper Stocks!

The Iridesse printer is also able to handle extra-long sheets up to 13" x 40", making it a great print option for menu boards, posters, banners, and other oversized marketing products. Create high-impact graphic presentations producing white dry ink on dark, textured cards stocks.


Common Use Cases

The Iridesse Production Press can add all these special metallic enhancements to a wide range of consumer products including:

Wedding invitations
Baby announcements
Marketing Materials
Book Covers
Print mailings
Window decals
Professional portfolios
Banners & more

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Metallic Inks File Prep Tutorials

Please view the tutorials below to learn how to prepare your files to take advantage of Island Blue's Metallic Inks. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bill at x203.

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