Drymounting Services


Drymounting is the process used to glue or adhere artwork (often posters or paper products) to a backing board, usually for display purposes.

Drymounting can be either a hot press, where glue-impregnated tissue is placed between the art and the board and heat is applied to melt the two pieces together or a cold press, where minimal heat is used and the adhesion takes place more through pressure on the materials to give it a firm bond.

The mounting boards available are wide ranging, from 10mm TerraMax board which is a recycled honeycombed product to 1mm PVC Sintra, or plastic foamed board and a lot of options in between. Employing both hot and cold mount presses, have your presentation materials, posters or artwork mounted for instant display.

To complement our drymount services, we also offer a full range of stand-off or float mount hardware - ask us for more information.


Common Materials:

1mm white Sintra (PVC foamed)
3mm white Sintra
3mm black Sintra
3/16" white foamcore
316" black foamcore
1/4" Mightycore
10mm TerraMax (recycled honeycomb)

Customer Supplied Materials*


Hot or cold mount procedures available

Overlaminates for surface protection:
- Gloss
- Matte
- Lustre
- UV Inhibited

Sizes Available

Dependent on board chosen and press type.
Maximum artwork at 47" x 95" on heat press.


*Customer supplied mount materials can be accepted, as long as the surface is smooth, non-porous and free of any defect. Island Blue reserves the right to refuse customer supplied mount materials if in our professional opinion the process will damage the artwork or we expect the final adhesion will not be firm. No guarantees of longevity are implied or accepted with any process involving supplied materials.

Some artwork is not suitable for mounting, such as rice paper or tissue prints.

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