Mini Breeze Tabletop Retractable


This little powerhouse is perfect for point of sale and informational displays, being small, lightweight and easy to display nearly anywhere.

The Minibreeze is available in two sizes and retracts completely into the base cassette for storage or transport.


Smooth indoor vinyl


Full colour with solvent inks
Full bleed allowed
Single sided

Sizes Available

Print Size: 8.5" x 14" (Make this your file size - the bottom 1.75" can be white as this part will be used as leader to the take-up spool)
Visual Size (display): 8.5" x 12.25" (Extend background to this size but do not put any text or image beyond 12".

Print size: 11" x 24"
Visual Size (display): 11" x 17"


Installed into stand cartridge

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