"A" Frames - Wood


Wooden "A" frames are a great way to attract customers into your space or event, especially foot traffic. Made of durable material and smooth surfaced and sealed, these models come complete with your graphics printed directly to the face sides. Heavy enough to withstand a sudden gust of wind, the product also comes assembled with an easy to carry handle.

NEW!: A removable and repositionable chalk surface can also be applied, allowing you to change your mind and ideas as often as you'd like. Please inquire for details!


1/2" MDO Board, cutout at bottom


Full colour, UV inks rated for outdoor usage and lightfastness. Graphics are printed direct to board surface, full bleed is not a problem.


None required.

Sizes Available

24" x 36"
32" x 48"


While graphics can be printed to full bleed on the surface, please do not place any text or critical design elements closer than 3" from the bottom due to the curved cutout.

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