Plastic "A" Frames


With a slide-in/slide-out design, this "A" frame unit makes it easy to change the display in seconds. With printed panels held snugly in a recessed position, there are no bolts, latches, or added parts to worry about and comes complete with a molded top handle for easy transport.


Insert Panels: 4mm white coroplast - 22" x 28" (22" x 26.5" (H) visual display)
Frame: Durable plastic, white granite faux finish - 24" x 36" x 2" outside dimensions


Full colour, UV inks rated for outdoor usage and lightfastness. Panels are printed direct to board surface either single or double sided.


Each frame comes complete with two insert panels (one for each side of the A-frame). Panels may have the same image printed on both outside faces, different images printed to both outside faces, or even double side printed to allow for four different images to customize your display options.


The visible display of the printed graphic(s) is 22.25" x 26.5" with the panels inserted into a recessed area of the frame. While your image may bleed to the full dimensions, do not place any important or critical information any closer than 1.5" to the edge as it may not be clearly visible when inserted.

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