Island Blue and the Environment

  • Island Blue has considered how our business affects the environment in every way and have made changes.
  • Energy efficient printers using less power today, standby modes when not in use
  • Operating printers whereby 100% of the toner from the cartridges goes onto the paper
  • Spent toner cartridges are returned to the manufacture for refilling
  • Used parts in most printers where possible, are returned to the vendor for remanufacturing
  • Paper stocks used for all printing contains from a minimum 10% to a maximum 100% post consumer recycled content
  • All plastic bag wrappers and off cut encapsulating films picked up and returned for recycling
  • All paper waste and wrappers returned for recycling
  • Use of bio-degradable products sent to the landfill where possible
  • Recycle all plastic bottles and tin cans


envirographicBond Papers

Our standard 20# copy bond is made from 100% post consumer waste pulp and sourced from Badger Paper. It is FSC and SFI certified and process chlorine free.

Offset and Book Papers

Our 60# and 70# offset papers contain 40% post consumer waste, are process chlorine free and Green-e certified.

Text and Cover Papers

Our 80# and 100# text and cover sheets are 10% post consumer waste, as requirements for a brighter, cleaner sheet are paramount. Papers are acid free and elemental chlorine free.


3/16" Foamcore

Available upon request, we carry a fully biodegradable foamcore product. The polystyrene foam center breaks down under landfill conditions within 1-5 years and contains no less than 15% recycled material. The paper liners are formulated from wood products certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI).

BIOflex Vinyl

A banner substrate that contains no toxic elements, BIOflex is engineered to break down in landfill conditions, unlike traditional pvc vinyl products. Once in the ground, the manufacturer asserts the vinyl will disintegrate completely within five years and there is no hazardous by-product left behind in the soil.