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Project Information: Drawings

If you wish to request both full and half size sets in the same print run, please indicate in the text boxes in the following format:

Number of sets: 10 FULL | 05 HALF
Sheet size: 24 x 36 FULL | 12 x 18 HALF

While most plot projects are black and white, Island Blue offers full color plotting on standard 20# paper for working drawings, or presentation weights suitable for mounting or display. Your project may have a color cover sheet, contain only a few critical drawings with color requirements or all pieces may need our color plotting services.

Please use this area to describe your project needs.

Project Information: Specifications

All specifications are quoted as 8.5" x 11" documents. Covers are on 65# white card stock and can be printed singled sided in either color or black/white without bleed. Insides are printed standard on white 20# bond, double sided throughout. Chapters or sections will be formatted to print on the right-facing page.

If your specification does not match these standards, please let us know your specific requirements in the informational box at the end of this order form.

Please indicate if your print request is urgent or time-sensitive in any way.

Have multiple files you'd like to send us? Use an archiving program such as ZIP or STUFFIT for MAC to bundle all your items together and upload!

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