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Creating PDF files using Adobe Acrobat.

Creating a PDF (Portable Document Format) file using Adobe’s Distiller package is relatively simple and the best type of file to send to us. A well prepared PDF file will overcome many of the traditional problems a printer will face with native files. Native files tend to be large and cumbersome and often are missing fonts or graphics. This creates all sorts of printing problems and delays. PDF files avoid these concerns as they contain all the necessary fonts and graphics, are smaller files, and are platform, application and device independent.

The internal PDF creators for other applications are not as reliable, can create conversion errors and can cause significant increases in file sizes.

To create the best possible PDF file, keep the following in mind:

  • All fonts must be embedded. Fonts must remain as type; do not convert the text to a bitmap. Do not create outlines for the text or scan and place text. Note: Type 3 fonts can cause a considerable increase in file size and should be avoided.
  • All images and pages should be cropped within the native application. Cropping in Acrobat does not remove information; it only hides it. This leads to increased file size.
  • Eliminate all targets and links (typically used for e-book PDF’s) within your print file; they are unnecessary and increase PDF size. Distiller compression does not compress targets and links.
  • Graphs and charts, etc. must be vector graphics, not scanned or bitmap images. Images should be placed in the book block at 100% size (they should not be scaled up).
  • Avoid making changes in your PDF file. Revisions should be made within the native application and then distilled again. Changes within Acrobat can cause a significant increase in file size

After your PDF file is completed, then view and proof it and send it to us for printing.