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Before Sending Your File

As printers, we have found a number of common problems that may occur with your digital file, which makes printing your book difficult, if not impossible. Here is a short list of the most common problems:

  1. Missing fonts
  2. Missing printer fonts - ()
  3. Incorrect font type
  4. Improper trim size
  5. Document and paper sizes which don’t match
  6. Incorrect graphic file type
  7. Incorrect resolution
  8. Scaling in page layout application
  9. RGB images instead of CMYK
  10. Use of compressed images
  11. Embedded graphics
  12. Nested graphics
  13. Nested fonts
  14. Broken graphics links
  15. Bleeds not set
  16. Hairline assigned to lines or borders
  17. Incorrect spine width
  18. Poor alignment of borders, rules, margins and page numbers